We let founders create the next chapter of their lives

We find pragmatic solutions and facilitate the needs of founders who want to move on while leaving their business in good hands.

We provide a home for prospering, independent businesses

We let our companies do what they do best, in their own way, while keeping administration and reporting to a minimum.

We create everlasting values

We are with you long-term and co-invest our money with your ideas and effort.

We give employees the option to co-invest in what they believe in

With co-ownership, everyone gains when we succeed.

We are your magic helpdesk

We trust you to run the company, but we help you along the way and go “all in” when you need it the most.

We offer growth capital to our companies

We help our companies succeed with scaling and profitability.

We provide our shareholders with access to profitable software niches

We screen software companies across all industry niches and invest in the best value-propositions when we see them.

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